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The Journey to the Infinite Self as a Transgender Being. 4 November 2018.

Topics: Awakening to the Infinite Self. Disabilities. Identity and ego. The purification of ego and letting go of attachments. Other selves. Co-creation. Relationships. Mirror beings. Oneness and Unity is not about conformity. Giving up attachments is not about the end of individuality. All experience is valid and desired. I’m a transgender being, not doing.

Is transgender some kind of conspiracy?

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1 hour 15 minutes https://youtu.be/6N_T6kL9LwU


Destination: UNITY

Highly triggering and disturbing read at divine cosmos com blog post 2 July. Recommended all the same.

I’m not saying I agree with all the content but I support the author, the intent, and message.

We got this.

What David doesn’t talk about (in this article) is that WE are also the divine intervention. And “awakening” is not just occurring on a political/sociological axis.

In my opinion, Awakening and Disclosure in its purest and most effective, most world-changing form is about Self-Realisation. The truth of who YOU are. And realising it experientially. (Find a teacher or method that will show you the way.)

The biggest lie of them all is that we are educated to believe we are *only* biological beings with a consciousness confined to our brains. And that our only empowerment comes with physical action in our physical environment.

Awakening occurs in many realms of knowledge and experience. Social, political, relationships, artistic, scientific, etc. But the real deal is self-realisation as a spiritual being containing, and contained within a biological construct. A construct, but real nonetheless. Just as our physical environment can be said to be illusional in nature, it’s still real.

“Red-pilling” is a process in all the above mentioned realms of thought and experience. Ultimately Disclosure and red-pilling is a rabbit hole (from a 3D standpoint).

We are shifting, ascending, integrating, healing, moving to 5D, creating New Earth experience, etc. We cannot do it if we cling on to disclosure-for the-sake-of-disclosure. Disclosure is not the destination, Freedom is. Aim for that. Start inside.

We have some Events upcoming, and some of them may appear to be supernatural in flavour. These will enable and soften the harshest of realities we have to face in the name of Truth.

Lightworkers of all flavours have been working on this for many years. In fact, I believe the majority of the human population has been even if it has been experienced as pain, oppression, and other incredibly dark life events.

We have nearly got this in the bag.

Love, and no fear.

The biggest delusion is Fear itself.

Love is all there is.

Our own fear (and negativity) is what enables all the darkness discussed in the above mentioned article. Yep, we can collectively take responsibility and then let it all go. We all played our part, now it’s time to clean up. Start with yourself, it’s all that matters right now.

Aeryn xx

(Obviously there are many timelines running here and your truth may differ from my own or what’s presented. Doesn’t make either of us right or wrong. It’s part of the process. Check your own inner-compass for alignment. Thanks x)

Meditation for True Self. And freedom.

I release all my yesterdays.

Last weeks and last years.

All memory of pain and suffering.

And in this moment.

The eternal now moment.

I keep only that which is true.

The pure self.

I forgive all.

I was sleeping.

I am awake now.

I release and ask.

Grace please come in.

Cleanse me.

I acknowledge and love.

The ‘I’ of this moment just passed.

I let her fly free.

Healed and whole.


I let go.

And welcome her back.

Into my loving arms.

I love you.

You are whole.

You are free.

Be free.

I love.

I am love.

I am within love.

Love is now.

All is love.

And light.

Meditation for True Self. And freedom.

Look inward and make this prayer personal. Modify and repeat. Embrace and release all emotion that arises. Let it all go. Until you experience the inner freedom of being nothing/everything.

Unity Meditation: Look ‘outward’ and replace with We, Our, and Us or whatever makes sense.

Aeryn xxxx

Suggested resource: Mooji and his Invitation to Freedom on YouTube and his website.

Lesson for the day: we gotta stop telling each other that ‘they’ are trying to kill us. there are many veils of truth. dark within light etc.

disclosure is not the destination we need to aim beyond it to the point of total unity