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“A quiet place” – chillout visualisation meditation – Ripples Drifting Still Ocean Peace

Originally recorded and published October 2017 – notes below

This is a guided chill-out meditation to help me find a thought-free, light state of mind. To help escape the worries of world events and news stories. It’s something I find I need to practice, to give myself space to rest in-between the life things that come my way. To rest the mind, and quiet all thought, and become a drifting ripple on the ocean of consciousness. It’s a very pleasant place to be.

10:20 Begins
40:20 Return. Thank you for watching

I have been wanting to find a quiet space in my mind and I found someone’s’ words – their descriptions of a still, thought-free space really interesting. I wanted to find my own inner, peaceful no-time -space, where I exist with nothing else (outside of all of creation, or spirituality even), except a very simple environment/projection/dream space. Like a daydream, or a lucid dream. And I wanted to capture this place in a video I can watch later, to aid the recall and find it more easily. It takes practice but the revisiting and recalling brings the peaceful state more readily.

I do leave guidance for myself in this video, and you may take it as such or follow my words to ask your own questions, or find and visualise your own quiet space. I’m sharing tools and skills I have learned from others; and personal stories. There is a lot of healing in the sharing. 🙂. Something I need, to tackle the everyday anxieties and weather wider-world events whilst I get on with the fun stuff. Remaining connected and independent, and loved. \o/ x

Please share your own stories or comments here, if you like

I recorded and published this in October 2017 and then later made it private again. I have been sorting through my old videos and found it again today. And wow, I found it very useful, and feel very much that this was for me to find at this time. I’m really proud of myself, of me, of her, in the past that recorded this video considering all of what she was going through at that time. Thank you 2017-Aeryn, I love you xx

Aeryn 2019-05-07

(The webpage mentioned in the video is no longer available)
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Mental health and awakening

Mental health and awakening. 2 March 2019

Passing on guidance. Chatting about mental health, illnesses, disorders. Triggers. Self-realisation. Unravelling ego. Being ok with the darkness. Asking and consenting to divine assistance. Co-creating life/reality. Seek out the infinite, the absolute, true self, the emptiness, the paradox of self.

#ascension #selfrealisation #mentalhealth https://youtu.be/8aKeDRm3pLQ

More recent chats can be found on my youtube channel


How to heal yourself and others. Please read description for disclaimer. 10 October 2018.

A little chat about recent self-realisation realisations. How to find that balance between infinity and humanity as a light worker and navigate the multi-dimensional self as a realised and simultaneous experience of the One Infinite Creator; Source; playing a role; and being a regular human. How ego seems to work. But most importantly not to allow the mind space to control or attempt to understand what’s going on.

Also discussed. Some healing techniques from my point of view as an empath. And how I can step up my work and ease through self-realisation practice. And is “healing” the right word to use?

Please note: I am not qualified to give medical or psychological advice and do not offer it. I do discuss my own experience and ask you the viewer to treat the subjects discussed to your own inner discernment process and act only on what you know is best for yourself. My own best advice is to find a teacher and follow the vertical path responsibly.

#selfrealisation #ego #infiniteself #healing #ascension #mirroring

22 minutes. https://youtu.be/vpNyGSLMraA


Mirror beings. Formless existence realised. 8 October 2018.

I talk about my recent adventures in consciousness and how I feel guided into greater service as a “mirror being”. These are my first deliberate steps as an awakening being into mirroring consciousness and I describe recent downloads and experiences from a personal viewpoint. It’s a chilled out chat in which I take my time. It’s quite an odd experience to discuss the paradox of self and present it as a personal ‘vlog’.

70 minutes. https://youtu.be/k8HHFVEI5OY

#mirrorbeings #selfrealisation #awakening #lawofone #ascension

Links mentioned ..
Mooji “Shall I Finish Your Letter” https://youtu.be/KaFI2XK4S1w
Magenta Pixie “Judge Becomes Justice” https://youtu.be/h_5ajXoaIlc
Matt Kahn “Unpacking Judgement” https://youtu.be/Lv9g8HEG0P4
Lisa Brown interview “Conscious Upshift” https://youtu.be/tlmVawv8jrs
Beyond The Ordinary Show https://www.beyondtheordinaryshow.com/
Bentinho Massaro https://www.bentinhomassaro.com/


Self realisation and truth seeking. 7 October 2018

Ego-work. And the truth. The truth is inside.
The law of attraction and the true self. Creating or attracting reality.
Truth seeking, disclosure, and inner work. Finding a balance.
The Grand Illusion. Making it a great place to live.

https://youtu.be/V5ZTxElfWgs 16 minutes.

Trust. 1 October 2018.


Chatting about the current state of play 🙂


Contraction and expansion. Serving as an empath.

Fear narratives within the spiritual community. Lack beliefs and fear.

What do we mean by “ego”? Multi-selves, multi-egos, identities. Surrendering the ego. What to do when the work comes up. Moving into healing. What to do when we feel contracted and how transform self-judgement without engaging the ego further. We can teach ego through affirming, and adopting multi-layered perspectives.

Where are we going? Self-realisation is moving forwards. Predicting the future for humanity. How it will feel. Rather than details of events. What’s coming is beyond our current understanding.

“Trust” is the message right now.

https://youtu.be/-GXKxNkOacA 30 minutes.


Protecting the Self and Self-Realisation. 27 September 2017.

Discussing… “On this spiritual journey, how do I protect myself from the bad guys?”
My answer is basically, by realising we don’t ‘need’ it.
The vertical path brings natural ‘protection’.
Ultimately we are protected by our sovereignty and alignment.
What is it that needs protection? Letting go of ego as an identity and using it as a tool.
Empowerment. What do I do? Why am here?
Horizontal path teachings are abundant. I am advocating self-realisation and the vertical path (but as a balanced practice).
Law of attraction and protection. Consent. Fear and harm.
Taking responsibility for – learning from – what happens in the reflection. The inner work.
How do I know that I’m in alignment? How am I serving?

Guest appearance by some buzzards.

26 minutes. https://youtu.be/N1Gf_Nz9u_U


No more fear – We are still here. Wake up and realise we are gonna be ok.

Ok. So I had a messy awakening last year. Still is some days. But seems like May is really another return to my zero point.

But I’ve been (unnecessarily) worrying about ego/identity for a while now. There’s a lot of conflicting info out there about even what an ego even is. tbh I’m gonna try and move away from the word. Each person understands it differently. Some folks are highly critical of it and want to destroy it. Some call it letting go of attachments/identity. Some say it’s a balance.

All I’m gonna say for sure is it’s very healthy to make a practice of fully dissolving it. To be nothing, know nothing, have no ownership of anything. And what’s left becomes a “healthy, balanced” sense of self.

My own ego is balancing out. I had a big one but fortunately not outwardly destructive. Inwardly, very much so. The way I understand the word I call it balancing rather than removing it. If it’s a mask it must go is what I think. So the true self can shine naturally (which may well be technically defined as ego).

Hm. Don’t wanna go round in circles with this. To discuss the self as a concept is kinda confusing when ultimately there is no self. However. There is a play, a story happening. It has a name and a life, and a mission.

So. It’s like a heart/mind balance. But leading from the heart. Using the mind as a tool, a creative force. But tempered. And without identity resting there alone.

This is stuff I learned ages back cognitively and it repeats over. But the experience of this truth becomes more profound. Spirals and layers of truth. Known in the heart rather than the mind. Moved into the heart. The place where love is. Where there is no time, no space, no story. It’s really nice there but to be there wholly is to disappear. There’s a point where return is inevitable. And the story continues. It’s impossible to relay what the ultimate self really is or tell the experience. I continually practice and many times it doesn’t happen. But since this month… it’s becoming more ‘available’.

But. Regardless of practice these moments in the heart happen a million times a second like a pendulum swinging. Heart/mind. Mind/heart.

Or the integration of self over story. The same tick-tock. Self/experience. Experience/self.

Enlightenment/empowerment. Empowerment/enlightenment.

Light/shadow. Shadow/light.

But we are changing. These processes whether metaphorical or metaphysical are becoming more transparent. So we (or, “I”) learn or remember to ride that fine line deliberately, creatively, and selflessly. Kinda thing.

Hm. Integration is messy for some of us. From a mental health point of view, this stuff can be very troubling. But from the same viewpoint it is real healing. Some folks laugh and say “well the crazy/sensitive people are screwed – they won’t survive ascension”. Well, we are ground crew. You need us. The marginalised hold the balance of collective creative empowerment.

This is how we will change the world. Or step back into the Heaven on Earth scenario that was always available.

This is how we know it’s all good.

Fear in my opinion is the driving destructive force on this planet. Fear of lack. Fear of finite resources. Fear of competition. Fear of death. It’s all bullshit and we all know it.

Fear is creating chaos. In our personal lives, in our communities, on our Earth. It’s got out of control. It nearly had us many times. And yet we are still here.

Isn’t that cool? We are still here. Wake up and realise we are gonna be ok. We still have work to do. Out there, and inside. Do it intentionally before the universe compels you with some of its own pendulum swings. We all know about the law of attraction by now, right? Let’s use it for each other/all rather than manifesting things we personally don’t need. We have an incredible collective opportunity right now. Let’s do this thing. We have amazing things coming.

Find your purpose – you have one. Heal yourself and heal the world.