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“A quiet place” – chillout visualisation meditation – Ripples Drifting Still Ocean Peace

Originally recorded and published October 2017 – notes below

This is a guided chill-out meditation to help me find a thought-free, light state of mind. To help escape the worries of world events and news stories. It’s something I find I need to practice, to give myself space to rest in-between the life things that come my way. To rest the mind, and quiet all thought, and become a drifting ripple on the ocean of consciousness. It’s a very pleasant place to be.

10:20 Begins
40:20 Return. Thank you for watching

I have been wanting to find a quiet space in my mind and I found someone’s’ words – their descriptions of a still, thought-free space really interesting. I wanted to find my own inner, peaceful no-time -space, where I exist with nothing else (outside of all of creation, or spirituality even), except a very simple environment/projection/dream space. Like a daydream, or a lucid dream. And I wanted to capture this place in a video I can watch later, to aid the recall and find it more easily. It takes practice but the revisiting and recalling brings the peaceful state more readily.

I do leave guidance for myself in this video, and you may take it as such or follow my words to ask your own questions, or find and visualise your own quiet space. I’m sharing tools and skills I have learned from others; and personal stories. There is a lot of healing in the sharing. πŸ™‚. Something I need, to tackle the everyday anxieties and weather wider-world events whilst I get on with the fun stuff. Remaining connected and independent, and loved. \o/ x

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I recorded and published this in October 2017 and then later made it private again. I have been sorting through my old videos and found it again today. And wow, I found it very useful, and feel very much that this was for me to find at this time. I’m really proud of myself, of me, of her, in the past that recorded this video considering all of what she was going through at that time. Thank you 2017-Aeryn, I love you xx

Aeryn 2019-05-07

(The webpage mentioned in the video is no longer available)
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Mental health and awakening

Mental health and awakening. 2 March 2019

Passing on guidance. Chatting about mental health, illnesses, disorders. Triggers. Self-realisation. Unravelling ego. Being ok with the darkness. Asking and consenting to divine assistance. Co-creating life/reality. Seek out the infinite, the absolute, true self, the emptiness, the paradox of self.

#ascension #selfrealisation #mentalhealth https://youtu.be/8aKeDRm3pLQ

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God. 20 February 2019

Chatting about stuff. Video notes:- Experience of darkness. Collective abandonment issues. What is God, The One, The Infinite? Darkness is part of The Light. Dark entities. We keep going to God. What we do in challenging times/energies. But we do have direct access to God. The middle path. Being a divine human. Full acceptance. Asking for guidance in humility. Light beings. Angelic guidance. Recovery. The victim ego. Releasing the programming. Loving the ego away. Don’t ‘kill’, or hate your ego. The ego is suffering itself, so doesn’t deserve unkindness, or hate – it’s a ‘real’ being’. Russian Doll. Star Trek: Discovery. Synchronicities and things in the sky. Our guides are constantly talking to use. They meet us where we are at. Tuning into god, the divine, the Holy Spirit. Asking what is here for me today.

#god #guidance #thedivine https://youtu.be/Rp96O6GIbIs


Tuning Into Guidance, Internal and External

Tuning Into Guidance, Internal and External. 12 February 2019

“How to find guidance when it seems to have dried up? Becoming even more sensitive. Emotional (HS) guidance and synchronicities. Our guides make sure we see what we need to see even if we ignore the first time…” LINK

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Right Now, All Is Well. 11 February 2019

“Some guidance for the collective about what is going on right now, and how to interpret outside information using your emotional guidance..” LINK

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