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2018 wrap up

2018 summary: Guidance, Embodiment, Expansion, Ascension. 27 December 2018.

Chat about the year. 48 minutes.

#ascension #consciousness #iam https://youtu.be/SINOAMJqhhA


The video above does quite a good job of wrapping up the year for me. How it’s all been about guidance, and becoming – embodying/being – my own best teacher, with plenty of support from divine guides and God, along the way. More recent vlog posts from the YouTube channel are below.

Wishing you a great year ahead. With love, Aeryn x

(As I mention in the video, I’ll be collecting groups of YouTube posts on this WordPress blog every so often, rather than posting each one here as a new post. If you’d like to be updated regularly about new videos, please visit the channel and subscribe, and click the notification bell icon.)

How to ‘cope’ with Mandela Effect and Reality Shifts. 20 December 2018

Just a chat about the Mandela Effect, and reality shifts. How to ‘handle’ them, what do they mean? How does this relate to the reality someone else experiences and how this affects our relationships. And a little chat about God at the end. 🙂

#mandelaeffect #timelines #god 37 minutes https://youtu.be/p5UR5nd0E0w

What discernment means and what it doesn’t mean. 16 December 2018

Just a little chat about discernment and truth. And how to keep ego out of it.

#discernment #truth #disclosure 18 minutes https://youtu.be/xonD-osm1mM

Dreamtime. Lucid dreaming. Alternate selves. Guides and Assistance. 16 December 2018.

Just an update on experiences whilst my body is sleeping. Following on from the last video with more infos. Just personal experiences and stories.

#luciddreams #guides #multidimensionality #ascension https://youtu.be/BEsO2liw-FI


Destination: UNITY

Highly triggering and disturbing read at divine cosmos com blog post 2 July. Recommended all the same.

I’m not saying I agree with all the content but I support the author, the intent, and message.

We got this.

What David doesn’t talk about (in this article) is that WE are also the divine intervention. And “awakening” is not just occurring on a political/sociological axis.

In my opinion, Awakening and Disclosure in its purest and most effective, most world-changing form is about Self-Realisation. The truth of who YOU are. And realising it experientially. (Find a teacher or method that will show you the way.)

The biggest lie of them all is that we are educated to believe we are *only* biological beings with a consciousness confined to our brains. And that our only empowerment comes with physical action in our physical environment.

Awakening occurs in many realms of knowledge and experience. Social, political, relationships, artistic, scientific, etc. But the real deal is self-realisation as a spiritual being containing, and contained within a biological construct. A construct, but real nonetheless. Just as our physical environment can be said to be illusional in nature, it’s still real.

“Red-pilling” is a process in all the above mentioned realms of thought and experience. Ultimately Disclosure and red-pilling is a rabbit hole (from a 3D standpoint).

We are shifting, ascending, integrating, healing, moving to 5D, creating New Earth experience, etc. We cannot do it if we cling on to disclosure-for the-sake-of-disclosure. Disclosure is not the destination, Freedom is. Aim for that. Start inside.

We have some Events upcoming, and some of them may appear to be supernatural in flavour. These will enable and soften the harshest of realities we have to face in the name of Truth.

Lightworkers of all flavours have been working on this for many years. In fact, I believe the majority of the human population has been even if it has been experienced as pain, oppression, and other incredibly dark life events.

We have nearly got this in the bag.

Love, and no fear.

The biggest delusion is Fear itself.

Love is all there is.

Our own fear (and negativity) is what enables all the darkness discussed in the above mentioned article. Yep, we can collectively take responsibility and then let it all go. We all played our part, now it’s time to clean up. Start with yourself, it’s all that matters right now.

Aeryn xx

(Obviously there are many timelines running here and your truth may differ from my own or what’s presented. Doesn’t make either of us right or wrong. It’s part of the process. Check your own inner-compass for alignment. Thanks x)

Discerning truth. 3 July 2018.

Just a chat about discerning truth, triggers, fear again, and learning to speak authentically, from experience. 50 minutes.

(Includes a response.) Themes for me in the reflection. Progress. Forgiveness. Reading people, empath stuff, respecting privacy and free will. Being careful not to project outwards, speaking from experience without bringing feelings into it. I’m not here to trigger you but it might happen. Stating boundaries is one of my lessons. Talking from experience rather than speculation. The disclosure movement and discernment: incoming timelines. Teaching discernment as a parent: how kids can discern their own truth rather than anyone else’s. The emotional guidance system. Love, and fear. Emotions connect us to truth and onwards to ‘abilities’. When your truth feels false to me, what does it mean? The third person viewpoint. Polarised viewpoints and deeper truth in everything. Zero point consciousness and the reflection, the One, the many, the mission. The grown up discussion. My way shower duties are to talk about my life, and the ‘mess’. My boundaries within my space. The disclosure movement and my mission. My level of access, visions, and connection. Unravelling rabbit holes – an example: transgender. Moving forward away from fear. Acting from/in fear is consent. Speaking from fear is not the real You. Forgiving others is not a requirement. Only ourselves. Forgiveness of others flows after. Being a creator. Open, authentic sharing. I’m not here to spread false light, or project my stuff, or trigger. It’s all good.