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Protecting the Self and Self-Realisation. 27 September 2017.

Discussing… “On this spiritual journey, how do I protect myself from the bad guys?”
My answer is basically, by realising we don’t ‘need’ it.
The vertical path brings natural ‘protection’.
Ultimately we are protected by our sovereignty and alignment.
What is it that needs protection? Letting go of ego as an identity and using it as a tool.
Empowerment. What do I do? Why am here?
Horizontal path teachings are abundant. I am advocating self-realisation and the vertical path (but as a balanced practice).
Law of attraction and protection. Consent. Fear and harm.
Taking responsibility for – learning from – what happens in the reflection. The inner work.
How do I know that I’m in alignment? How am I serving?

Guest appearance by some buzzards.

26 minutes. https://youtu.be/N1Gf_Nz9u_U


Why swim upstream when you can just float along and enjoy the ride?

If it doesn’t make you happy *right now* don’t do it.

Alternatively. Move thru the – sometimes necessary – hard times by getting real quiet and finding/imagining/trusting the upcoming benefit to yourself or others from that experience.

Keep checking in and be prepared to drop what you’re doing. A new upward direction can unexpectedly arise from the ‘hard times’ experience.

This is how to find alignment with your purpose.

Like they say, why swim upstream when you can just float along and enjoy the ride? Downstream is where the happiness is.