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Transmuting Shadow and Tech Issues in these Energies

Chatting about the shadow work, going really deep, transmuting into light, dealing with tech issues. I also chat about an encounter with AI and a reptilian being. #energies #tech #shadowwork 2019–07–11–1905 https://northsoulstar.com/podcast

Transcript- https://northsoulstar.substack.com/p/members
Audio- https://northsoulstar.substack.com/p/transmuting-shadow-and-tech-issues
Video- https://youtu.be/hGYV9lEuCvo

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The Great Awakening

We pass through another period of huge growth and expansion. It’s certainly been a challenging time. But with gratitude we ask for greater acceleration and service.

We are doing this

The Great Awakening. 20 February 2019

What is the great awakening? What is going on on this planet? Political/social awakening. Spiritual awakening. Metaphysical awakening.

My awakening. A brief history of Aeryn North.

#thegreatawakening #awakening #disillusionment https://youtu.be/iE92I4pGLGY

Service, Guidance, Interventions, Ascension. 19 February 2019

Just a chat and sharing an oracle reading I made for myself today.

Notes: Food and diet. Being called into service (to others) by giving and asking others what they need. Being called to talk about guidance and learn to take guidance from inside, from the environment. Our team shapes and guides our reality (which an be taken as a metaphor). A story of another recent intervention in my life, and unaligned behaviour – clearing our fields of ‘darkness’ and becoming more sensitive. Alignment authorises miracles, interventions and resolutions. Mirror beings. Free will. How to prepare for a reading. The importance of prayer. My daily prayer (from Michael Mirdad -The Heart of A Course In Miracles). Ascension is having the ego in a permanent state of surrender/humbleness. Asking for help with self-forgiveness. Asking for guidance and that I will hear it. Asking and giving consent to internal miracles.

#ascension #miracles #readings https://youtu.be/YEvhuKD41hQ

Healing the Inner Wounded Child with your Higher Self. 21 September 2018

Autumn Equinox update – we are purging.
Matt Kahn teachings – book “Everything is Here to Help You” https://amzn.to/2MRNjUd and free video series http://bit.ly/2DsOWZs
Being kind to our ego, and the ego death.
Healing and Channeling, and being heart centered.
19:30 Healing with your Higher Self. Example – Wounded Child healing.

32 minutes. https://youtu.be/I05V6vtS1cI

Phenomena. Healing. Clearing. 19 September 2018.


Just a little chat. 10 minutes.

Family reunion. 16 September 2018


Disclosure. Letting go. Sightings. Dark night of the soul. Integrating shadow? 25 minutes

Bliss. Exercise. Nature. Healing. 12 September 2018.


A little chat. 13 minutes.