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Hi, my name is Aeryn and I record a blog, vlog about Awakening, Self-Empowerment, Self-Realisation, New Earth, and related subjects. These are presented in a personal style as a podcast on Substack. It is my joy to make these recordings and share them online, and I make them freely available without charge in service to The Great Awakening.

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Video Podcast

The video podcast is posted daily on my YouTube channel. You can subscribe using your YouTube account and receive mobile notifications or emails from YouTube when a new episode goes live. I also use the channel for occasional non-podcast uploads, so please check it out.

Audio Podcast

The audio podcast is hosted on Substack. You can subscribe for free, and receive daily updates delivered straight to your inbox, or preferred podcast app.

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Subscribers who register through the Substack platform have access to occasional additional private content. This is available in the Archive. There are no plans to provide a paid-for service through this platform, so please treat your subscription purely as a donation. Thank you.

The podcast is free of charge and subscribing (donating) is completely optional.

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About NorthSoulStar

The main focus of the NorthSoulStar project right now is simply through daily expression of my journey as an awakening being on Earth. It’s part of my role as Wayshower, Divine Channel, and Healer to share..

I have been recording videos since 2017 on the subject of Awakening, New Earth, Self-Realisation, and Ascension. As well as other related subjects. They are mainly personal shares and occasionally channeled guidance.

The podcast is completely free and provided as a natural extension of my Being. If you feel drawn to donate to the project, you can buy me a coffee, or send regular donations through the Substack platform.

Any support you can offer is received with much gratitude.


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