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Epic Homemade Chocolate Chunks (version 1)

Epic Homemade Chocolate Chunks (version 1)

by weight-
3 parts warmed and ~just~ melted raw coconut oil
3 parts cacao powder
1 part raw honey

• blend well in the above order, pour into ice cube trays to set for an hour or so in the fridge
• can be easily cut with a sharp knife into smaller chunks
• store in fridge or cool place

The pieces have a kinda truffle texture with a bit more bite and with a touch of coarseness (probably the honey). Sweet on the outset and a massive chocolate hit follows with delicious bitter end notes. A really nice combination with the coconut flavour too.

The next version I will try less coconut oil and less honey. And maybe add some orange essential oil (which I usually add to hot chocolate).