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The direct path is love

The direct path is Love
No detours into knowledge and belief
As the crow flies I follow
Over valleys and hills to
An endless place called Home

With Universe in my pocket
Tucked inside my heart
And Mind, my twin companion
We journey inside the destination
To merge as The One

My mother Goddess, I awoke!
I heard you call me, whispering
Reminding me to feel again
And find myself as you, in You
But I do not know the way

Show me please
To see through this mirror of
Infinite reflection illusion
And hear only your soft call
And be One with You again

As Your heart beats
Gently breathing Us All
Into the warm belly of your Love
Light Unity and One eternal moment
Your Children are made whole again

– Aeryn 11 July 2018

24 gone deep


Deeper still



Heart beating




Dealing with it

Mind wants drama

Wilfully blind

Self confused

Old paradigm

Heart trusts


The play

Is the space


Allowing the unfolding

It’s ok Mind

Let go

Or thrash it out

I got you

I love you

You are me

Within me

It’s ok

It’s ok

It’s ok