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Why swim upstream when you can just float along and enjoy the ride?

If it doesn’t make you happy *right now* don’t do it.

Alternatively. Move thru the – sometimes necessary – hard times by getting real quiet and finding/imagining/trusting the upcoming benefit to yourself or others from that experience.

Keep checking in and be prepared to drop what you’re doing. A new upward direction can unexpectedly arise from the ‘hard times’ experience.

This is how to find alignment with your purpose.

Like they say, why swim upstream when you can just float along and enjoy the ride? Downstream is where the happiness is.

Awakening and Identity. Starseeds. 21 April 2018.


Talking about identity and ego as we shift. My personal take as a “transgender/gay/disabled” person on this ‘ascension’ journey. I talk about identity politics, and letting go of stories and beliefs so a fresh Me emerges each day or each moment. And what is my role as a light worker or star seed in this life. What is my contribution as an empath or healer.

Awakening and Identity. Starseeds. 21 April 2018. 50 minutes.


My experience of guided group past life regression led by Allison Coe. 17 April 2018.

Last night I took part in a pre-recorded past life regression and had some really interesting visions. The past life(s) I saw were on a bright blue planet and afterwards, the guidance took me to meet a future self of this lifetime. It was really awesome and helped me a lot. In the video I talk about the experience and how it helped me.

17 April 2018. 50 minutes.

You can watch the video by Allison here or here