North Soul Star

The North Soul Star project is my Wayshower-ship. It is my service to the human collective to describe, and be an example of this thing we are calling Ascension. To be as raw, and real as needs be, and present in a down-to-earth personal blog-format.

North Soul Star is a project that started to coalesce during 2017, although it went under a different name for a while. The name North Soul Star is simply a name but also points to other meanings.


One of my names, with personal meaning to me because I legally changed my name in 2012 and North has important resonance for me personally.

North Star

During my early Awakening I realised the importance of a guide, a guiding light, a reference point. The North Star is such a thing. This has resonance with my role as Wayshower.

Soul Star

This is known as the eighth chakra, located outside the body, above our crown chakra and is considered the ‘seat of the soul’.