Transmuting Shadow and Tech Issues in these Energies

Chatting about the shadow work, going really deep, transmuting into light, dealing with tech issues. I also chat about an encounter with AI and a reptilian being. #energies #tech #shadowwork 2019–07–11–1905


Transcript excerpt..

So again, you know, sometimes I’m I find, I’m really struggling with stuff, and there’s no real, there’s nothing really being mirrored back to me and the collective about it. So, you know, we’re all on our own unique journeys. And my one, my journey also is really to dip right down as well, as a grid worker, holy shit. Do I go deep sometimes! And as one of my teachers says, I feel it. I really love the way he describes this. We go into our hearts, and we really excavate some stuff. And the way he says it, as well, where we can, sometimes we might complain, we’re saying, “Oh, my old stuff is coming up again, my old stuff. I thought I cleared this stuff, I should be done with this. I’ve done the work here. Why am I dealing with it yet again?”

And we say, we are using words like old and we’re complaining where we could say, well, this is actually new stuff, it’s new, we’re going deeper than ever, we’re finding new stuff to transmute for the collective for ourselves. And that’s our real service. So I go really, really deep, I go really, really forgetful. And in those times, my guides who are not really giving me any kind of like lucid guidance, right now they’re just nudging me in directions. They’re nudging me to express to use my voice to go on to Facebook, for example, I mean, Facebook’s my main outlet, really. I do lead quite a solitary existence, which suits me just fine. But that does mean I don’t have a lot of people to talk to, other than on the internet on Facebook.

So I’ve got some close friends on Facebook, some lovely, lovely souls. And I can just go on there, express my stuff, have a complain, do it from a semi-conscious place, you know, I know, I know. I know I’ve dipped down, I know. I know, I’m expressing something that is not in alignment with my highest self, my highest good. I know, there’s a bit of bullshit coming through. And yet, it does help to say it and be witnessed. And to get those gentle reminders from these beautiful souls to help me wake up again, back out of the depths. You know, so it’s really as a sort of team effort where we can, of course, no one’s obliged to do that with me, but they do and I love them for it. [full transcript here]

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