Projecting Spirituality

Respect others exactly where they are in their journey

If they want to speak out against the crimes of the world, let them

If they want to sit under a bush with their legs crossed, in a state of detachment, allow that

If they are following their own inner path from one state of awareness to another, witness that

If they are not meeting your own standards of whatever “spiritual” currently means to you, reflect

Respect each’s journey. We *are* getting there

Respect each’s freedom to be ‘active’ or ‘apathetic’ -from your point of view

How do you know what your next step is on your journey? It’s whatever is showing up for you right now. If that’s wiping your own ass and attending your own healing, that’s spiritual. If it’s spreading truth about control systems and bringing light to crimes against humanity, that’s spiritual too.

Freedom is the right to choose. Projection and judgement is control. Unless it isn’t.

Unity, people!

Love, Aeryn x

Header image credit – Tim Gouw / Unsplash