Bird Tribes audio

Birds / Chat 2019-04-27-1807

I have been listening to a podcast – featuring readings from a book I wasn’t previously aware – “Return of the Bird Tribes” by Ken Carey. This is a quick post to recommend and share links. I have been really enjoying them and I’m looking forward to reading the book.

Audio 1 – Positive Head Podcast #631: An eternally timely message from the Bird Tribes
Audio 2 – Positive Head Podcast #660: More wisdom from Ken Carey’s “Bird Tribes” with Erica Middlemiss
Audio 3 – Positive Head Podcast #670: More interdimensional wisdom from the angelic “Bird Tribes” with Erica
Audio 4 – Positive Head Podcast #921: “Return of the Bird Tribes”, Chapter Twelve: Great Day of Purification

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