The Journey to the Infinite Self as a Transgender Being. 4 November 2018.

Topics: Awakening to the Infinite Self. Disabilities. Identity and ego. The purification of ego and letting go of attachments. Other selves. Co-creation. Relationships. Mirror beings. Oneness and Unity is not about conformity. Giving up attachments is not about the end of individuality. All experience is valid and desired. I’m a transgender being, not doing.

Is transgender some kind of conspiracy?

#awakening #ego #identity #transgender #disability

1 hour 15 minutes

Aeryn North
North Soul Star
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6 thoughts on “The Journey to the Infinite Self as a Transgender Being. 4 November 2018.

    1. It doesn’t seem that transgender is by any means a new experience on Earth. But at this particular time when polarities such as gender are very much being expressed and explored by the collective, I believe transgender people are very much of service to humanity right now. So, yes. Thanks 🙂

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    2. Yes I thought that’s what you meant. No need to say sorry 🙂 Thank you Cheryl. Well I think there are many ways of looking at this. I tried to reply with a short grounded answer before because I could talk a long time about this stuff 🙂 Another answer I have is that starseeds incarnating now and recently are not bound by gender like humans are, so naturally there would be many gender non-conforming people showing up because the vibe is higher on earth right now so it is easier for them/us to come in. I see parallels also with other human experiences currently called disorders, but I would say they are indicating high vibe souls, which is another aspect of my mission here I think. thank you for commenting 🙂

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    3. It’s a long video on this post but I’m curious if you have watched it? And what your own perspective is on transgender as a professional. I’ve had a mixed experience of professional healers on this subject. Thanks 🙏

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