Moving towards Bliss. 11 September 2018

Self healing through self-realisation. And moving towards bliss. A little round up. 14 minutes.

Videos shared..
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Sunday Sharing. 2 September 2018.

Sharing some resources I found valuable recently (links below) and a chat about my awakening, ego, service to others, Grace, God, quietness, expanding consciousness, drawing no conclusions about the self, enjoying life, clearing space. 32 minutes.

Being your own master. The mystery of self. A little chat. 3 September 2018

A little chat about being your own master, spiritual seeking, experience over identity, protecting the mystery of self. 22 minutes.

Clearing and creating through Walking. 5 September 2018.

Chatting about a video made by Bentinho Massaro where he talks about the power of walking and making space for the creative process, free will, empowerment, grace.

Barefoot walking. 5 September 2018.

A little follow up chat about the benefits of barefoot walking.

Clearing through the body. 8 September 2018

Exercise, junk food and diet.
Clearing thru the body
Star Trek: Insurrection
A universe inside one moment

11 minutes.

Triggering Disclosure. 9 September 2018

Clearing thru exercise
Life review with other selves and alternate timelines
Clearing ancestral trauma
Building bridges with family
Christianity and belief systems
Inter-generational conflict
Finding common ground
The personal expansion and creating space for healing
The great revealing
Global healing

37 minutes

Aeryn North
North Soul Star
Playlist: Vlogs and chats

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