Post Lion’s Gate 2018 check-ins. 29 August 2018.

Hey. It’s been an interesting week or so. Below are some recent videos from the YouTube channel at

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It’s been an intense summer and I feel the Lion’s Gate period was another huge levelling-up of our collective consciousness. As I reflect on a year of intense healing and integration of the reality of self, and of the ‘world’ we live in (it’s been a year since I woke up to the infinite self), it feels very much like a huge watershed moment has occurred.

The activations are coming thick and fast. Consciousness is expanding so very rapidly and we are being offered so many new paradigms of thought and creativity. It’s a lot for the ego to take on and so there are many many ego deaths. On a personal level, a new sense of self/ego is emerging, but that’s only part of the story/reality.

The energies are inviting us to create. 29 August 2018.

Chatting and personal update. 18 minutes.
Ego play
Recommend Magenta Pixie
Energies are inviting us to create
Family time
Family partnership

Empowerment. Clearing through the body. Higher self. 26 August 2018

Chat. 25 minutes.

New Ego. The Lion’s Gate. 20 August 2018

Chatting about recent experiences post-Lion’s Gate, expanded consciousness, downloads, and clearing. 20 August 2018. 15 minutes.

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