Transgender Starseeds

“The non-binary/transgender issue is another huge subject. This most sensitive exploration of gender and the cellular memories of genderless and androgynous ‘extraterrestrial biological life’ is yet another ‘flavour’ of the starseed ascension which has been exploited by the service-to-self groups as they further their agenda.. This does not mean non-binary and transgender individuals are a ‘product of a service-to-self agenda’ as so many within the indigo/truth seeking communities believe. It is yet another way to experience the ascension process..”

— The Infinite Helix and the Emerald Flame by Magenta Pixie 2018.

– – –

I don’t speak for any others, but this (being transgender) is part of my mission, my truth. It’s something I’ve had to check in with over and over since my awakening because of the fear agendas that others in spiritual/truth/disclosure groups have bought into and spread around.

Yes we are targeted. We are made homeless, jobless, our healthcare is an abusive labyrinth, we are attacked verbally and physically and mentally, we have many of our rights taken away. We lose our families, friends, communities. We make communities and they are attacked and fragmented.

Even (spiritual) healers refuse to treat us whilst spreading fear about us.

Truthers. Please stop pointing at others and yelling ‘victim’. Look in the mirror and ask who is serving the dark agenda in these moments.

Here I am as a lightworker and starseeed with a message of unity. I am not a victim because I’m transgender. I am claiming it. Owning it. Choosing it. It is my truth, not victimhood. I stopped talking about this stuff a while back but it seems I still have things to say. To stand up and be counted, even as I am not invested personally any longer.

Thank you MP and The Nine for embracing this subject and bringing light to it in your book and other recent transmissions.