Meditation for True Self. And freedom.

I release all my yesterdays.

Last weeks and last years.

All memory of pain and suffering.

And in this moment.

The eternal now moment.

I keep only that which is true.

The pure self.

I forgive all.

I was sleeping.

I am awake now.

I release and ask.

Grace please come in.

Cleanse me.

I acknowledge and love.

The ‘I’ of this moment just passed.

I let her fly free.

Healed and whole.


I let go.

And welcome her back.

Into my loving arms.

I love you.

You are whole.

You are free.

Be free.

I love.

I am love.

I am within love.

Love is now.

All is love.

And light.

Meditation for True Self. And freedom.

Look inward and make this prayer personal. Modify and repeat. Embrace and release all emotion that arises. Let it all go. Until you experience the inner freedom of being nothing/everything.

Unity Meditation: Look ‘outward’ and replace with We, Our, and Us or whatever makes sense.

Aeryn xxxx

Suggested resource: Mooji and his Invitation to Freedom on YouTube and his website.

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