Purging for healing and integration

Cry it all out, acknowledge and release those emotions. Speak those hurts or fears out to the universe – and let them go in the same moment, give them back. It’s now in the past. Now is what matters. Right now. The future will take care of itself.

Acknowledge feelings without concern for the stories behind them. That is true forgiveness, of the self. Healing.

Repeat when stuff comes up. Let it flow naturally, it will just happen. Let go of all resistance, and allow. Send this energy to Earth or Source or guides for recycling. They are nurturing and holding space in every moment.

Forgiveness of others follows naturally. Not to be sought after, or forced.

This is inner work. Or ‘shadow’ work. It makes space for growth and expansion. For a higher vibration and greater potential, more vibrant experience.

Self soothe. It’s all ok. In the end we are just fine. We have love in our hearts and it keeps us alive and nurtured.

Emergencies. A friend reminded me we always have our breath and we have our heart beating. It means we are alive and that – before all else – is all we need. Moment to moment. Breath and heart. It’s all we need and it’s all we got. Surrender to that.

love from Aeryn, and her guides 💜

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