Weekly shares, boosts and recs

A few shares and recommendations from around the internet. Things I have watched, read, and found useful, or inspiring.. 


Who or what is Teal Swan?

Powerful short video in which Teal describes herself. She says something like “I am egoless and simultaneously the biggest ego in the universe”. Really interesting.


Don’t Embrace Truth — Merge With It

Mooji. Powerful prayer for peace at timestamp 2:12:40. I’m a big fan of Mooji.


I am drunk on the soul..

Epic spoken word by Todd Medina


Revealing the Glow

Light language by Urban Shaman


Frolic Chi

Lovely fun video by Nicole Ferguson


Your Role in ‘The Event’

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Therefore, those of you who are awake will need to take an active role in helping others.


Ascension is doing the inner work

by Driftingvoice


Advice for parents of empath kids by Cristine Schilling


Bringing Closure to the Tests of Saturn

I got a lot from this talk by Michael Mirdad – very interesting


Rising Above Ego

Live video from Michael Mirdad. This was interesting. Stuff about what we pass onto our kids. Family dynamics. Metaphors from the bible about these things.

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