This is my personal ‘ascension’ experience right now

This is my personal ‘ascension’ experience right now. Please excuse the typos and grammar as the below I copied it from a private message i just hammered out to one of my ‘early’ awakening friends (thank you so much for your open friendship, holding space, and sharing your own journey with me – love you 💜)

Yes. Really having strong connections sometimes. Then other times it drops right away. I think this is like an empowerment mode I’m in. Really cannot tolerate ‘unhealthy’ food very often but still need to go there. Really weird. I wake up most morning with echoes of extreme depression/**** thoughts/panic and it takes a bit to get on top of it. Being in nature is helping so much with that. I’m eating a lot of raw fruit/veg, or undercooked veg for hot meals. Low carbs. etc.

generally i’m getting on top of the energies. they’re soooo intense but i think i’m becoming more adept at dealing. Mooji has helped me so much in that respect. Just transmuting now instead of too much shadow work. Acknowledging it as ego fighting letting go that kinda thing.

I am in quite a bit of physical pain but mainly when ifeel more human, when my ego is fighting. Thru my jaw, my teeth – esp the one that was extracted is agony sometimes. Lots of pain in my groin. But I’m scanning my body and as far as I can tell nothing is wrong. Doing reiki every day. Long meditations. walking in the park. bottled water for nearly 3 weeks now. flouride free toothpaste. no deodorant or cosmetics.. low carbs. esp low wheat. low meat – tho i still need it so it seems so i eat tinned fish a lot. but even that doesn’t seem pure enough. apple cider vinegar. really good quality vitamins and supplements. essential oils topically and internally. I’m on a mission to stay in detox mode. And I can still enjoy cakes and treats without worrying so much. They do raise vibration thru the love of the experience of eating treats. i havent had cannabic in a month – i’m done with it now. I reasearched the canninaboid cycle in our bodies and found some other sources that can fill the gap. cacao for example. and other things that are in the supllements i buy. but tbh i don’t worry about this stuff too much because i’ve been easing into it for years before i awoke. like i stopped using deodorant a couple years back, and shampoos. i have been consuming coconut oil for years now and using it to replace cosmetics for years too.

some of this stuff is expensive. fresh fruit and veg is expensive especially in my locality. can’t get hold of organic locally. i got some delivered and it was poor quality. but i have more cash for this stuff now i cut out cannabis and tobacco and stuff so its a weird balancing act. Like I buy in bulk where i can but then it lasts a long time.

notable additions:

low exposure to mainstream AND alt media/news AND predictions/advice/dates. inner guidance only. learning to intuit what is my reality and what is not even if it sounds amazing and encouraging. go within for confirmation on anything from another person. transmuting drama, trolls. Enforcing healthy boundaries. Social exposure in short bursts. dabbling in teachings – there’s always more insight there. stay in present moment. meditate to go beyond present moment, experience true self – beyond ‘self/’identity’.

looooooong sleeps atm. vivid weird dreams. glimpses and rememberances of work done during sleep time. consultations, upvoting, one on ones, meetings idk. self-realisation becomes more profound each day. waking connection comes in and out – or is just becoming integrated to the self – (“yes”). various beings. no advice to pass on particularly, no instructions as such, no special access/knowledge of ‘events’, just assistance with personal issues and confirmation that all is going ok.

we have this. but we must do the work as there is a huuuuuuge opportunity here. we are not settling – we are going ALL IN, all the way. Peace on Earth. Heaven on Earth. New paradigm. Whatever you want to call it. Its coming but we *must* bring it collectively AND internally. (My work is internal atm – that’s my role).

love love

PS dont take any of this as your truth but instead, always discern what is true for you. go in. go in. go in. if you’re new – go in and find your purpose – engage esoteric practice/teachings/channelings, be vigilant of rabbit holes and stories from any outside source. >>find your own truth<<, because you already have it. i am available to assist and support in my own way – PM me for moral support or open sharing friendship – not advice or coaching (or flirting/dating/leaching)